Freaky Flagstaff Foottours

Freaky Flagstaff Foottours takes you on a
guided adventure to some of
downtown Flagstaff's favorite haunts!

Flagstaff, Arizona is a serene mountain town nestled against the base of the San Francisco Peaks…a quiet refuge from the wild Wild West since the 1800s…NOT! This pine-treed, aspen-dotted little gem has been a rockin' and a rollin' and a drinkin' and a fightin ' since before the railroad track was laid.
There are plenty of tales to tell and spirits to raise, and Freaky Flagstaff will take you to some of the hot-spots (that's ghost-hunter lingo!) in town.

Tour Details

Freaky Flagstaff Foottour Details

Flagstaff's history is inextricably tied to the westward expansion of the railroad in the 1880s. But along with the opportunities came the growing pains —fires, accidents, prostitution and rivalries. Stories are told of the restless brakeman, crushed between two trains, the phantom bellboy who roams the halls of the historic Monte Vista, and the murderous maintainance man, whose ghost haunts the library . Our Foottour will take you to these haunted hangouts and others as we brave the evening and let the spirits move us!

We want you to enjoy the evening and come away with a new appreciation of Flagstaff history. Below are some frequently asked questions and information so you can make the most of your Foottour without freaking.


This tour is PG-13 so no children under 13 unless accompanied by an adult.


The Foottour is approximately 1 mile on the sidewalks and streets of downtown Flagstaff. The pace is moderate at times with 7 to 8 stops at historic "haunts" and lasts about 75 minutes.


Tour times and availability varies with the season. Reservations are suggested, especially on week-ends and during October.


The Foottour meets downtown at the the NW corner of Aspen and Humphries. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your tour starts. Your guide will be there to check you in.


$12 for adults.
$10 for students with ID
$7 for youngsters ages 6 - 13
$10 for military with ID
We take cash, credit, or debit.


Wear comfortable walking shoes. A bottle of water is a good idea as well. Your guide can steer you towards post-tour refreshments, but we won't be stopping en route. Bring a digital camera to capture any ghostly apparitions.


Use the calendar below to select your date, fill out the form, and book online.

We are currently working on new routes, as well as our cemetery tour.
Give us a call for additional information.


Remember, Flagstaff sits at an elevation of 7000 ft. The higher altitude can tire you out and cause dehydration. Even though our tours are moderately paced, they take place in the evening in all kinds of weather. So dress appropriately and be well-hydrated and rested. Freaky Flagstaff Foottours cannot guarantee our ghostly friends will make an appearance, but bring an open mind and a spirit for adventure, and we'll put our best feet forward!